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Knowing how to target the candidates that are just right, where to find them, and how to get their response takes skill and experience. We’ve mastered the science of developing effective, unique ways to position and deliver your customized message directly to the specific audience that fits your needs.

Success Stories

The Challenge: Our client, a D.C. area transportation company and the sixth busiest bus agency in the United States, has a continuing need to staff up with multiple Bus Operators throughout the year. The company provides more than 400,000 trips each weekday, serving 11,500 bus stops throughout three states. Their fleet is comprised of more than 1,500 buses operating on 325 routes.

Our Solution: RCIs TalentLocator – Reverse Posting Model for Bus Operators in the D.C. area

The Result: RCI championed an aggressive recruitment campaign starting with our TalentLocator tool, which netted 47,000 potential candidates. Once our pool was confirmed, our Creative Department crafted an engaging HTML email that was sent to those candidates sourced by TalentLocator, of which 4,296 (9.26%) viewed our communications. The results of that email campaign were far above average, with 455 targeted and qualified individuals engaging with the email and clicking to “apply” (a 10.68% click-through rate). Because of the outright success of projects like these, our client has continued to partner with us over and over again.
The Challenge: RCI was retained to perform resume/profiling sourcing for two positions: a Managing Consultant and a Sr. Compensation Analyst.

Our Solution: RCI's TalentLocator - Universal Screener Model

The Result: We conducted extensive research utilizing our high-performance Universal Screener technology and expertise in a national search effort for both roles. We were successful in providing our client with quality candidates whose skills and backgrounds were a 100% match to the candidate profile requirements.

Quote from our Client: “RCI’s efforts allowed us to add multiple, qualified candidates to our team, and at least one hire to date!” - Forsythe Solution Technology