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There’s a Proven Recruiting Process That You Can Start Using Today

HR leaders engage our team to find diverse, high-quality, and qualified candidates for any type of position.

This reduces the time-to-fill and cost-per-hire compared to the other recruiting options that recruiters have been using for years.


Why is Recruiting So Hard in 2023?

Are you frustrated by recruiting methods that worked before the shift from COVID-19? There is an alternative.

Reduce Time-to-Fill and Cost-Per-Hire

Get good-fit candidates who are more likely to stay using the TalentLocator technology and our experienced recruiters who understand your needs and timeline.


Find the Right People. Right Now.

See how TalentLocator is designed to quickly identify candidates that are a good fit for your positions and are more likely to stay.

RPO That’s Scalable to Your Needs

The team behind TalentLocator is extremely flexible and ready to jump in wherever you need help.

Whether you need just a list of qualified candidates or you need help finding and vetting candidates in an ongoing process – we’re able to serve those needs.

Short-term or One-off Hiring Need?

Transactional RPO Services can find you a list of qualified and high-quality candidates that your team can use for recruiting.

Have a Hiring Push to Compete?

A short-term RPO program can be a good fit for companies that have a hiring push.

We help fill many roles in a short period of time, whether they’re all in one region or in cities across the United States.

Our unparalleled access to candidates combined with our expert recruiters makes it possible to meet your timeline.

Need Ongoing Recruiting Assistance?

Some companies need help on a continuous basis–from warehouse pickers and packers to healthcare jobs to the oil and gas industry and everywhere in between–our full-service RPO team makes it possible to find the right people quicker and at a lower cost-per-hire.

Stop Recruiting the Same Old Way

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