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Find the Candidates You Need in Today’s Job Market

This one-of-a-kind, proven process provides unparalleled access to candidates who are assessed by RCI’s experts to determine their fit for your positions.

Whether you need a list of names or you need full recruiting services (RPO), TalentLocator can work for you.


Lower Your Cost-Per-Hire

Use the process that’s proven to produce high-quality and qualified talent that is more likely to stay, reducing the need to constantly refill the same position.

It costs companies the equivalent of 6-9 months of an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement. (SHRM)

That’s why it’s critical companies hire right on the first try!


Reduce Your Time-to-Fill

With TalentLocator’s unique process and our proprietary database of candidates, we can start sourcing candidates within 24 hours, including those who aren’t actively looking for a job.

Ready to See How You Can Hire Better & Faster?

In less than 2 minutes we can identify areas where you can improve your recruiting process to lower cost-per-hire AND time-to-fill.

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Scale the Recruiting Process to Your Needs

Whether you need to fill 1 or 1,000 positions, RCI will use TalentLocator to find the right candidates for you anywhere in the United States. 


End Frustration With Job Postings

Job board postings are rarely seen by the right people, especially if they’re not actively looking.

RCI quickly provides access to candidates – even if they’re not currently seeking a job – who are a better fit than what a job board posting can deliver.

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Only 18% of new hires come from job board postings!

Why spend so much time on these posts when the right people don’t see them?

Mike Moore

Recruit More Productively

Spend less time candidate sourcing so you can focus on interviewing and hiring the right people.

RCI’s TalentLocator is proven to find high quality and qualified candidates for your positions faster than any other method.

No job board or ATS system can do that for you!


Improve Profitability for Your Company

When there are consistently too many job openings revenue will be lost because you can’t keep up with demand.

Getting the right people on your team is critical for success! 

We can help you find a diverse set of candidates who are qualified and more likely to stay so you can reduce turnover. 

TalentLocator Works! See How.

Companies across the United States use RCI’s TalentLocator to fill their positions with the best possible people.

See what actual customers have to say about our team and our unmatched process for building your team.

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I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for your assistance with our America’s Cup venue / POP UP retail strategy for 2013. Once again, your professionalism and STEAD FAST plan saved the day, time and a tremendous amount of money for PUMA Retail. Like our previous work in the past, I’m more amazed with the quality of talent you’re able to source! You should know we have already transitioned several management employees to the permanent side of retail and from what I hear, they’re doing tremendous. You never know what to expect during an open house event but I fully realize & compliment your team’s attention to detail, planning and analysis that makes them successful. I’m sure I will be in touch soon for new and future business!



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RCI has supported me with our call center recruiting for over 350 representatives in both sales and customer service. We have received a large number of on-target resumes from them from our local market and have been able to hit our capacity plan numbers with their assistance. The team has been responsive and the turn-around has exceeded my expectations. We will be engaging RCI on other projects in the future.



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RCI provided a great service. This was a great search and RCI had 3 competitive finalists in process. I learned a lot in this process; it has been a pleasure working with the RCI team and I’ll be back.






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For our purposes, the service was perfect. Your team brought lots of qualified resumes that lead to interviews and hires. Everyone at RCI was terrific. We will be using you again.



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Many thanks to the great team at RCI! They provide a consistent, effective sourcing and recruiting solution that has added great value to our efforts. We’re looking forward to a long, productive working relationship!



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I felt this was a tough position to fill and turned to RCI for help. I received 2 great candidates and am positive that I will receive a hire from their efforts. Thanks RCI!!!



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