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RCI has developed 8 Core Competencies built on a proven step-by-step, best-practice approach, building an integrated and sustainable platform for competing in an increasingly complex staffing environment.

1  Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is an effective strategy of focusing on the future. And this means spending a significant portion of time anticipating what is likely to happen in the next six to twenty-four months. In most organizations, Talent Acquisition and HR are typically focused on today’s issues. To be successful, Talent Acquisition/HR must strategically plan its workforce, focusing on today as well as the future. If we know where, when and how many people we need well in advance of needing them, then our ability to recruit the best talent improves dramatically.

2 Candidate Profiling

Candidate Profiling is critical to every organization’s success. Your company needs to know exactly who you are looking for―the candidates who are most compatible with the position and workplace. We will introduce the basic concepts behind Job and Candidate Profiling and share how to evaluate options for a variety of scenarios, and how your team can begin the process of reducing turnover.

3 Employer Branding

You must be able to accurately and consistently promote who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different from your competitors. Taking the recruitment process to the next level, RCI will share a proven process to uncover and execute an effective employer brand and highlight how successful branding can help you.

4 Candidate Sourcing

Talent Acquisition/HR professionals and recruiters must utilize the best sourcing strategies to hire the right candidates. You must be able to find, reach and communicate with only those people who match your “profile.” We will discuss in detail some of the most effective sourcing methods, including employee referral programs, employment websites, private talent pools and internal postings.

5 Screening & Assessment

You must focus on who you want and need. You must not think subjectively, but objectively, allowing science to help you predict future behavior. We will present an overview of the programs available in the marketplace, and guide your members through a structured process to select and implement a program that meets their specific needs.

6 Candidate Selection

Selecting the ideal candidate can be an overwhelming process. After all you go through to hire someone, you must make sure that you are, indeed, hiring them for the right reasons. We will show your team how to simplify the difficult process of selecting the ideal candidate and find the right tools to ensure your hiring managers are in sync with the selection process. This will include training on interviewing techniques, as well.

7 Recruitment Technology

Identifying technological solutions amongst the myriad of choices and functions is a challenging task. We will help your team members identify and select the right technological solutions and show how existing systems can be optimized.

8 Onboarding & Retention

Focus on this area must start in the recruiting process and then transcend to the employment experience. We can identify and discuss the areas that are vital to employee retention, including the latest thinking on employee engagement.