Meet the RCI Team



Tony Carreiro

Facilities and Building Manager

Bringing years of residential and commercial construction experience to the table, Tony joined RCI 24 years ago as our Facilities and Building Manager. Since then, we’ve come to rely on Tony’s keen organizational and technical skills necessary to keep our company running smoothly. Tony is the go-to expert in managing every aspect of our facilities and property.

His major accomplishments over the years have been his leading role in assisting the company in moving its corporate offices -- not once, but three times -- and his integral involvement in the necessary logistics of establishing our off-site offices.

Tony’s steady, calm demeanor has set the tone for our fast-paced, busy environment, where somehow, he manages to get things done with no interruption of workflow. Repairs and maintenance of our facility, as well as communicating with any necessary outside vendors, in addition to facilities and building management, is his everyday responsibility. But, add to that management of RCI’s entire mail room, which includes, shipping and receiving, and production and printing of materials, and it’s clear why Tony is an RCI institution, himself. Tony resides in south FL with his wife. He has 4 children and 10 grandchildren.