Midland County Case Study

Just-In-Time RPO: Jail Fully Staffed Within 60 Days

RCI's TalentLocator solves Midland County's Detention Officer staffing shortage in 60 days

Midland County Sheriff’s Department in Midland, TX, was facing a major challenge. They needed to fill 40 hard-to-fill Detention Officer positions, but their efforts were falling short. Human Resource Director Robert Segura was tasked with finding a solution, and he stumbled upon our TalentLocator at the National SHRM Conference in New Orleans, LA. Recognizing the potential of our methodology, he knew he had found the missing piece.

The Detention Officer role came with stringent requirements, resulting in a limited talent pool. The Sheriff’s Department was losing candidates faster than they could hire them, and applicant flow was lacking. This became a pressing public safety issue as the department had to maintain a certain ratio of officers to inmates for their 24-hour, 365-day operation while meeting state regulations.

Robert decided to implement our TalentLocator and utilize the Recruiter Model with the support of Recruiter Assisted Services. Collaborating with our dedicated Project Manager, he provided them with the criteria to follow when searching for candidates. With their assistance, the Sheriff’s Department managed to fill all 40 open Detention Officer positions.

The impact of RCI’s TalentLocator was nothing short of revolutionary for Midland County. In its 150-year history, the Sheriff’s Department had never been fully staffed. However, thanks to our TalentLocator solution, they surpassed their hiring goals. This success led Robert to believe that the solution was transferable to other industries grappling with staffing shortages, including teachers, nurses, doctors, and even truck drivers.

RCI’s TalentLocator proved to be a valuable and effective solution for Midland County's staffing shortage. By leveraging the technology and support provided by RCI, the Sheriff's Department successfully filled all open Detention Officer positions. Robert's belief in the transferability of this solution highlights the potential impact RCI’s TalentLocator can have in resolving staffing challenges across a wide range of industries.

RCI’s TalentLocator was instrumental in revolutionizing the hiring process for the Midland County Sheriff’s Department. By embracing RCI's technology and taking advantage of its recruiter-assisted services, the department overcame its staffing hurdles and achieved a fully staffed team. The success achieved in Midland County underscores the transformative potential of RCI’s TalentLocator in addressing staffing shortages across diverse industries.

See the full article from the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

"After 20 years as an HR Professional, RCI was an integral part in helping crack the code on helping me identify and staff a position that had never been fully staffed... The model to recruit is easily transferable by industry, and ideal if you have many of the same positions to fill and have had trouble getting fully staffed or net positive on headcount."

Robert Segura, HR Director