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The recruitment technology that partners with your needs, the experts that partner with you.

infinity is the newest technology designed to work with the career site you already have or to create the career site you've always dreamed about. An intuitive, all-in-one digital ecosystem, infinity lets you build and maintain the highest-caliber, fully powered talent resource that will not only boost the candidate experience but also simplify and enhance your recruiting process.

Easy Integration

infinity works seamlessly within your existing corporate website— or independently as a dedicated career site. And because it's compatible with most ATS systems, chances are good it will complement yours.

Technology You Control

infinity is so simple to use, it's insane. Thanks to an intuitive, built-in Content Management System, you can change copy and graphics or implement updates quickly and easily, on the spot.

Budget-based Pricing

infinity pricing is tailored precisely to the size and needs of your business. No one-size-fits-all price tag that may be affordable for large corporations but completely out-of-reach for small businesses.

Designed for all Audiences

With infinity at the helm, your career site is mobile friendly, easy to access and easy to use. No ugly ATS encounters, long and drawn-out application forms, and difficult-to-navigate fields. Candidates can respond to your openings more quickly than ever before. And, it’s fun! Now that's candidate friendly!

Options, Galore!

No matter what your business, what your needs or what your branding, infinity will visually enhance your company’s identity while honoring your existing website. (No need to “reinvent the wheel.”) Keep it simple and straightforward or add all the bells and whistles you want. Need help with creative? Want something new? RCI’s creative experts are available to help—with as much or as little as you need. The result? A polished and professional careers site that will have candidates returning again and again.

Managing your candidates just got easier!