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Our 6 Divisions cover every facet of recruitment and talent management. We’ve mastered the science of knowing where to find the candidates that are just right, how to target them, and most importantly, getting those candidates to respond.

Sourcing & Recruitment

We’ve mastered the science of developing effective, unique ways to position and deliver your customized message directly to the specific audience that fits your needs.


RCI combines our own cutting-edge technology with the expertise of our highly trained sourcing and recruiting specialists to design a solution unique to your needs because not all searches work the same for every company.

Branding & Creative Services

RCI’s award-winning branding and creative services provide your company with everything you need to attract talent and keep your largest asset—your employees—engaged in the company’s success. 


Addressing recruitment challenges may be daunting. No matter the need, we have proprietary solutions to source qualified candidates, from workforce planning and employer branding to candidate profiling and so much more.


Each aspect of Talent Acquisition and Management plays a vital role in the success and growth of your company. We identify where the need is, and work to fill the gap with proven solutions.


Expertise, in and of itself, just isn’t enough these days. The newest in technology is a must for success in a constantly changing recruitment landscape. Partner with RCI, and you’ll have all the solutions you need—now and in the future.