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From email to social to search, let's make the content you post, perfect.

When it comes to attracting top talent to your open positions, job boards are no longer enough. At best, they're hit or miss. At worst? They're like searching in the dark. Enter the PerfectPost. RCI's PerfectPost effectively reaches today's digital-savvy, predominantly mobile candidates. They're somewhere and everywhere. Even if they're not sitting at a computer scouring the job boards, RCI's PerfectPost can––and will––reach them.

More than just a posting, the PerfectPost is powered by a highly integrated marketing communications strategy comprised of four proven elements. The result? Optimal coverage that captures both passive and active job seekers, and leaves virtually no stone un-turned in your quest for that perfect candidate.

Broadcast your posting via email directly into the homes of passive job seekers.
Deliver your posting to a network of thousands of local, national, industry, and niche sites.
Position your posting in the most prominent places people look to first––Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
Amplify the impact of your posting via a specialized social media campaign.

You might say the PerfectPost is driven by the perfect strategy. If that's not perfect, we don't know what is.