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Introducing the RCI Recruitment Concierge
The war for talent is still on. Are you experiencing an increase in cost per hire? Are you seeing a decrease in the quality of hires? Is it taking longer and longer to fill your positions? We know the landscape is changing. That’s why now is the time to make the shift.

Shift Your Focus to Service
Today’s candidates expect more from the talent acquisition experience. The wrong decision can cause you to lose a top-notch candidate, harm the organization’s reputation, and negatively impact the bottom line. It’s time to get strategic about everything you do. With our Recruitment Concierge Services, you get one year of expert consulting and discounted services on RCI products.

How does it work?
We provide specialized recruiting concierge services to you as part of our suite of solutions—all for a fraction of the regular cost. For a low monthly retainer, you will receive a dedicated resource that will provide expert consulting. Plus, a discounted rate on all other RCI products and services, including creative services (design, copy, and multi-media production).


Consult with 200+ Years of Combined Experience
Recruitment. Communications. Training. Technology. These are just a few areas of our expertise. Work with us and receive unique, value-added services created through the prism of our proven leadership perspective.

Your Objectives. Our Subject-Matter Expertise.
Get the expert support you need to meet your objectives. From individualized recruiter training to strategic support for the entire talent management function, you can engage with RCI according to your needs. We offer independent, qualified analysis and a thorough assessment process that yields comprehensive recommendations.

Designed to support
forward-thinking HR Leaders

• Talent Acquisition

• Talent Management

• Staffing Process

• Leadership Development

Strategies for Tomorrow. Help for Today.

In business, strategic thinking is your competitive advantage. Yet it’s often overlooked in the world of HR. Whether it’s a skill issue or a matter of limited resources, a lack of well-formulated strategies leads to misalignment and ineffective decision making.

The rate of change is increasing every year. It’s more important than ever to understand the latest trends and devise a strategic response to them. Developing impactful strategies for tomorrow requires getting expert help from RCI today.

We can provide you with tailored strategies that lead to increased productivity and success in the following key areas:


Workforce Planning is an effective strategy of focusing on the future. And this means spending a significant portion of time anticipating what is likely to happen in the next six to twenty-four months. In most organizations, Talent Acquisition and HR are typically focused on today’s issues. To be successful, Talent Acquisition/HR must strategically plan its workforce, focusing on today as well as the future. If we know where, when and how many people we need well in advance of needing them, then our ability to recruit the best talent improves dramatically.


Candidate Profiling is critical to every organization’s success. Your company needs to know exactly who you are looking for―the candidates who are most compatible with the position and workplace. We will introduce the basic concepts behind Job and Candidate Profiling and share how to evaluate options for a variety of scenarios, and how your team can begin the process of reducing turnover.


You must be able to accurately and consistently promote who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different from your competitors. Taking the recruitment process to the next level, RCI will share a proven process to uncover and execute an effective employer brand and highlight how successful branding can help you.


Talent Acquisition/HR professionals and recruiters must utilize the best sourcing strategies to hire the right candidates. You must be able to find, reach and communicate with only those people who match your “profile.” We will discuss in detail some of the most effective sourcing methods, including employee referral programs, employment websites, private talent pools and internal postings.


You must focus on who you want and need. You must not think subjectively, but objectively, allowing science to help you predict future behavior. We will present an overview of the programs available in the marketplace, and guide your members through a structured process to select and implement a program that meets their specific needs.


Selecting the ideal candidate can be an overwhelming process. After all you go through to hire someone, you must make sure that you are, indeed, hiring them for the right reasons. We will show your team how to simplify the difficult process of selecting the ideal candidate and find the right tools to ensure your hiring managers are in sync with the selection process. This will include training on interviewing techniques, as well.


Identifying technological solutions amongst the myriad of choices and functions is a challenging task. We will help your team members identify and select the right technological solutions and show how existing systems can be optimized.


Focus on this area must start in the recruiting process and then transcend to the employment experience. We can identify and discuss the areas that are vital to employee retention, including the latest thinking on employee engagement.

  Workforce Planning
  Candidate Profiling
  Employer Branding
  Candidate Sourcing
  Screening & Assessment
  Candidate Selection
  Recruitment Technology
  Onboarding & Retention

Price Plans

We’re invested in your success.
When you partner with us, you’ll see a monthly return on your investment. You’ll see it in the new efficiencies, strategies, and solutions we create together. You’ll save time and money. You’ll know exactly what’s working (and what’s not) and what we’re going to do about it next. We’re in this together.

This is a partnership with mutual respect and investment. You can be confident that our services will be tailored to your organization, your objectives, and ultimately, your success.

1 -200 Employees

up to 10% discount
$2,195 per month
201-2,000 Employees

up to 15% discount
$4,500 per month
2,000+ Employees

up to 20% discount
$4,500 per month

When it comes to your recruiting success, we’re ready to put our money where our mouth is. Check out examples of our work, and see what makes our clients successful over and over again.