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 The Tools You Need For The Results You Want

Whether you’re looking to hire one skilled professional or two hundred, RCI is your go-to source. We’ll help you select the service(s) you need from a comprehensive range of smart offerings. Here, there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution.

There’s only the right one for you.


When you choose RCI for your Talent Acquisition needs, you’re getting more than great services. You’re getting superb subject matter experts. Savvy problem solvers. Knowledgeable consultants. But most of all, you’re getting a solid partnership that is 100% vested in your success.


Imagine being able to nail down candidates who fit your culture, share your values and, ultimately, thrive in the positions for which they’ve been hired. Let us help provide you with Candidate Profiling solutions that save you time and money, increase your return on investment, and decrease your time to hire. It doesn’t get much better than that!


How would you like to avoid the costs and setbacks of making poor hiring decisions once and for all? Strategic selection processes ensure that you hire only the most qualified candidates, period. With our expertise and insight, your hiring decisions will become more consistent and impartial, with far less time required for that final candidate selection, and ultimately, lead you to picking the right candidate the first time, every time.


Screening and Assessment are often overlooked by companies. Don’t be one of them! Ensure your hiring practices are based on science to help you predict future behavior. We will guide your company through a structured process to select and implement a program that meets your specific needs. Let our expertise ensure perfect fits to profiles, every time.