Social Media

Whether you realize it or not, people are talking about your organization online. In order to be a part of the conversation, you have to get social. Research shows that over 85% of employers have adopted a social media strategy. Just as many have stated they do not have the time to consistently monitor the effectiveness of their social media strategy. Imagine the knowledge you’ll gain—and the time you’ll save—when you partner with us to champion the most accurate, reliable and current pipeline there is… Social Media!

No presence? No problem – 7 day
No social media presence? That’s okay! Let us follow posts, tweets, blogs and more for one full week, using our fast and sophisticated monitoring tools. We’ll find out the who, where and what, and tell you what it all means.
Cost – $1,000

No presence? No problem – 30 day
Get a better glimpse of your online reputation! We’ll run our monitoring sweep for 30 days, instead of just one week.
Cost – $3,200

No presence? No problem – 12 month
How about an accumulated vision for a far bigger picture? With this option you’ll get the same as the 7-day option, but for an entire year.
Cost – $2,500/month

Got strategy? Get strategic
No social strategy? No problem! We’ll devote 30 days to the monitoring process in order to develop the essential components of a social media recruitment strategy that will work for you. Specifically, we’ll identify sites, creative/content, how ERP (or External) campaigns work on social sites, and much more.
Cost – $8,000*
*Excludes any creative services rendered

Let data take you there
You’ve got a social strategy in place. Congrats! But you have no idea what all that data means. Let us conduct an assessment of your social media readiness. In other words, we’ll ask the important questions that can make or break a social media strategy. We’ll pinpoint the gaps between where you are now—and where you want to be. Finally, we’ll put together a new social media recruitment strategy to take you there.
Cost – $10,000*
*Excludes any creative services rendered

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