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You Never Know When You're Going To Need Talent

Successful organizations operate on both the predictable and the unforeseen. And when it comes to human capital, you know it’s never static. Tomorrow could bring a new client win—along with a need for specific professionals to service it. Or your “go-to” exec could announce an unexpected departure. In either case, you have to act quickly. We’re here… waiting for your call.

The way we handle your sourcing and recruiting processes is a highly efficient and highly affordable method to develop solutions that can scale with your organization’s success. We devise custom-made strategies for your circumstances. We begin with your unique challenge and end with your unique solution. Throughout the entire process, we work hand in hand with your organization to create a successful strategy that works just for you.

Don’t be caught short. Partner with us today.


Perfect for filling that urgent role, right now. Just-In-Time Recruiting finds qualified candidates using proprietary solutions, such as TalentLocator. In addition to getting critical positions filled FAST, you’ll never pay a contingency or search fee. Ever.


Project-Based Recruiting helps you get the job done. Whether your project takes one week or three months, we’ll screen and submit top candidates who are perfectly suited to the project. We conduct skills assessments, background checks and solicit references for every applicant we see, making sure you get the right candidate every time.


A full-scale service that starts before your first hire and stays with you after the last. Designed to improve virtually every element of your company’s recruitment processes, RPO offers a wealth of functions from workplace planning to onboarding and retention. That way, you can look to the future without losing sight of the present.


These services give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Our recruiters will go to work for you. Our expert team sources qualified candidates to fill high-volume positions in expedited time frames. Again, every candidate is fully screened and approved before being sent to you.

You’re in Good Company!

Join the many clients who have benefited so richly from using our various recruitment programs. Whether project based or contractual, there is a recruitment option that’s perfect for your needs. RCI handles the recruitment requirements of any size company, with any size budget.