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Cutting-edge search technology with our highly trained sourcing specialists.

RCI’s TalentLocator suite is our flagship product lineup and is behind almost all we do. Our proprietary TalentLocator engine searches hundreds of resume databases and thousands of websites of every kind, including social media, using keyword search to bring in candidates that match your specific qualifications, so you can make the right hire, every time.

Candidate Model

Beginning with a TalentLocator search we identify all candidates that fit your qualifications and are in the geographical market you’re searching in. The search is continually running for 30-60 days (depending on the scope of your project). Then, through various advertising strategies, we consistently reach out to that sourced pool. Essentially, you’re provided a pool of qualified candidates for now and future needs.

There is never a placement fee. Hire as many candidates as you want because our price will not change.

Resume Model

Engaging our TalentLocator engine, we scour web locations instantly and often (throughout the project lengthy, typically 30-days) to identify the best-qualified candidates for your needs. After the initial pool of candidates are located, our screeners assess each of their resumes, those resumes are then given to you to keep as and use as you see fit. In addition to the candidates we submit, you’ll also receive the contact information of all the candidates screened by our team for future follow-up, regardless of their current interest.

Our technology. Our expert screeners. Your list of qualified candidates.

Recruiter Model

With a Recruiter Model, RCI handles the entire process. Our professional recruiters go to work for you with TalentLocator at the core. Utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods for each project, assuring you get the attention and results you need. They call each candidate ensuring they are qualified (skill, location, salary, cultural fit) and interested in your opportunity. Candidates determined to be qualified will be submitted to you directly, ready for you to make the hire(s). Get the same level of service as a retained search at a greatly discounted rate. It's the ultimate solution. Guaranteed.


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